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Titles of Works / Grade 6


Titles of Works

Titles of Works

  • Capitalize the first, last, and all important words in the title of a book, play, short story, poem, movie, article, newspaper, magazine, TV series, chapter of a book, or song.


  1. Mom hummed “Ship on the Water” while I read Treasure Island.
  2. I wrote the “This and That” column for the Boyden School Herald.

Titles of Works Worksheet

Write each sentence. Use capital letters correctly.
1. The glee club sang “only our best” for their audition.
2. They were featured on the show “an ear for talent.”
3. Did you see the headline in the foxpaw courier?
4. They set my poem “winds and waters” to music.
5. It was inspired by the book two boats in the bay.
Mr. ‏El-Sayed Ramadan ‎ ‎


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