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Quotation Marks in Dialogue / Grade 6


Quotation Marks in Dialogue

Quotation Marks in Dialogue

  • Use quotation marks before and after a direct quotation, the exact words that a speaker says or writes.
  • Use a comma or commas to separate a clause, such as he said, from the quotation itself. 
  • Place the comma outside the opening quotation marks but inside the closing quotation marks.
  • Place a period inside closing quotation marks. 
  • Place a question mark or exclamation mark inside the quotation marks when it is part of the quotation.


  • “Why are you out of breath?” my brother asked.
  • “I ran back,” I replied, “because I thought I saw a bear.”

Quotation Marks in Dialogue Worksheet

Write each sentence. Add punctuation where needed.
1. My mother asked Did you bring a flashlight?
2. It’s right here in the tent I replied.
3. Oh my! Did you hear that? my brother shouted.
4. Go back to sleep my father said. It’s nothing to worry about.
5. If it doesn’t stop my mother said I’m calling the ranger.

Mr. ‏El-Sayed Ramadan ‎ ‎


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