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Verb Tenses - Grade 6


Verb Tenses - Grade 6

Verb Tenses - Grade 6


A present-tense verb shows action that happens now.
  • My family plans its vacation.
  • Jhon plays video games with his brother.

A past-tense verb shows action that has already happened. It is usually formed by adding -d or -ed to the base form of the verb.
  • Last year we sailed to an island.
  •  The students played a game in science class.

A future-tense verb shows action that may or will happen.
  • This summer we will fly overseas.
  • Mirna will play soccer in the fall.

Verb Tenses Game Quizkshow (Interactive Activity)

Verb Tenses PDF Worksheet

Verb Tenses Quiz

Verb Tenses Quiz

Decide whether the bold verb is present, past, or future. 

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