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Homophones (Grade 6)




  • Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently. 
  • Some commonly confused homophones are it’s/its, you’re/ your, they’re/their/there, and there’s/theirs.

Homophones Examples

  • They’re proud of their cooking over there.

    Homophones Worksheet

    Write each sentence. Choose the correct word in parentheses to complete the sentence.
    1. (You’re, Your) phone is over on the table. 
    2. Have you checked (it’s, its) batteries lately? 
    3. My parents (allowed / aloud) me to watch a movie with my friends. 
    4. I had (eight / ate) pounds left to play video games. 
    5. My favorite player had (one / won) the golden medal. 
    6. We stayed at the (in / inn) for three nights. 
    7. My dad waited for the (sale / sail) at the store before he went shopping. 
    8. My friend Waleed has (red / read) hair. 
    9. I felt (week / weak) after I studied the whole day. 
    10. I had to (add / ad) the money before handing it to the customer.

    Mr. ‏El-Sayed Ramadan ‎ ‎


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