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Homophones - 6th Grade Grammar


Homophones - 6th Grade Grammar



Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Some commonly confused homophones are it’s/its, you’re/your, they’re/their/there, and there’s/theirs


IT'S is used as a contraction of it is and it has.
        It's [=it is] going to rain. 
        It's [=it has] been fun, but I must go now. 
        It's [=it is] a long way to the bottom.
ITS is the possessive form of it.
        the dog in its kennel 
        The landscape is beautiful in its own unique way. 
        Each region has its own customs.


YOU'RE is used as a contraction of you are.
        You're not going fast enough. 
        She thinks you're a nice guy.
YOUR possessive form of you.
        Your garden is beautiful. 
        Please wash your hands before dinner. 
        What is your new house like?


THEY'RE is used as a contraction of they are.
        They're not going fast enough. 
        She thinks they're nice guys.
THEIR is the possessive form of they.
        All the furniture in their house is brand-new. 
        They are on friendly terms with their neighbors. 
        The students are seeking to exercise their rights.
THERE means in that place: at that location.
        Put the package there on the table. 
        Go to your room and stay there
        Turn there at the church.


THERE'S is used as a contraction of there is or there has.
        There's [=there is] a lot more to do. 
        There's [=there has] never been any reason to doubt him.
THEIRS means that which belongs to or is connected with them : their one : their ones
        The computer is theirs. [=the computer belongs to them; it is their computer] 
        He bought his car on the same day his parents bought theirs
        She is a friend of theirs. [=she is their friend] 
        That dog of theirs [=their dog] is always barking.

Homophones Activity - 6th Grade Grammar

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