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r-Controlled Vowels

r-Controlled Vowels

Phonics: r-Controlled Vowels

r-Controlled Vowels Definition

When a vowel is followed by the letter r, they form a special r-controlled vowel sound.

Some r-controlled vowel sounds are:

the /ûr/ sound, as in shirt
the /âr/ sound, as in care
the /ôr/ sound, as in horn
the /är/ sound, as in march

r-Controlled Vowels Worksheet

A. Read the first word in each row. Find the word that has the same r-controlled vowel sound. Draw a circle around that word.
1. share                cave            dare             core
2. corn                 soak            third            thorn
3. cart                  bargain        capture        task
4. stir                    port             best             skirt
B. Read each word. Circle the correct sound for each word.
5. starve               /ûr/             /är/
6. surf                  /ôr/              /ûr/
7. torch                /ôr/              /âr/
8. their                 /âr/              /ôr/

Download this r-Controlled Vowels free worksheet in PDF : r-Controlled Vowels