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Closed Syllables

Closed Syllables

Closed Syllables - Definition, Examples, and Worksheet

Closed Syllables Definition

When a syllable ends in a consonant, it is called a closed syllable. Most closed syllables have a short-vowel sound.

Closed Syllables Examples

vul as in vulture           bas and ket as in basket

Closed Syllables Worksheet

A. Read the words in each row. Circle the word that begins with a closed syllable.
1. whole               lazy                       pantry
2. music                classic                   student
3. pilot                  whisper                 later
4. muffler              people                   frozen
5. flea                   pumpkin               being
6. human              roost                     necklace

B. Rewrite each word on the line. Draw a slanted line (/) after the first closed syllable in each word.
7. kingdom ____________________
8. Mental ____________________
9. Ponder ____________________
10. tunnel____________________

Download this Closed Syllables free worksheet ind PDF : Closed Syllables