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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 15

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 15

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 15 Wordlist
  1. abrasive
    (adj.) causing irritation, harsh; grinding or wearing down; (n.) a substance used to smooth or polish
  2. acclimate
    (v.) to adapt to a new climate, environment, or situation
  3. chagrin
    (n.) irritation or humiliation caused by disappointment or frustration; (v.) to cause such a feeling
  4. complacent
    (adj.) self-satisfied; overly content
  5. concur
    (v.) to express agreement, approve
  6. defamation
    (n.) slander or libel
  7. explicate
    (v.) to make plain or clear, explain; to interpret
  8. fracas
    (n.) a noisy quarrel or brawl
  9. grotesque
    (adj.) unnatural, distorted; bizarre
  10. pandemonium
    (n.) a wild uproar, din, or commotion
  11. raucous
    (adj.) disagreeably harsh-sounding; disorderly
  12. receptive
    (adj.) open and responsive to ideas or suggestions
  13. renounce
    (v.) to give up or resign something
  14. repress
    (v.) to hold back; to put down or check by force
  15. reticent
    (adj.) not inclined to speak; reserved; reluctant
  16. savory
    (adj.) tasty, appetizing; pungent or salty, not sweet; inoffensive, respectable
  17. somnolent
    (adj.) sleepy, drowsy; inducing sleep
  18. vehement
    (adj.) intense, forceful, powerful
  19. voluble
    (adj.) characterized by a ready flow of words; glib, fluent
  20. zealous
    (adj.) eager, earnest, devoted

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