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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 13

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 13

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 13 Wordlist
  1. antipathy
    (n.) a strong dislike, hostile feeling
  2. applicable
    (adj.) capable of being applied; relevant, suitable
  3. asset
    (n.) something of value; a resource; an advantage
  4. beset
    (v.) to attack from all sides; to surround, hem in; (adj., part.) harassed, troubled; studded (as with jewels)
  5. compassion
    (n.) sympathy for another’s suffering; pity
  6. decorum
    (n.) proper behavior, good taste; orderliness
  7. duress
    (n.) compulsion by threat; forcible confinement
  8. exuberant
    (adj.) high-spirited, enthusiastic, unrestrained; excessive, abundant
  9. facsimile
    (n.) an exact copy
  10. imbibe
    (v.) to drink; to take in, absorb
  11. implacable
    (v.) not to be satisfied or pacified; unyielding
  12. infinitesimal
    (adj.) so small as to be almost immeasurable; minute
  13. innocuous
    (adj.) harmless, inoffensive; insignificant
  14. militate
    (v.) to have effect or force on or against someone or something, fight against
  15. patent
    (n.) exclusive rights over an invention; copyright; (v.) to arrange or obtain such rights; (adj.) plain, open to view; copyrighted
  16. prowess
    (n.) distinguished bravery; superior skill or ability
  17. sedate
    (adj.) quiet, settled, sober; (v.) to administer a tranquilizer
  18. stentorian
    (adj.) extremely loud
  19. stipulate
    (v.) to arrange specifically; to require as a condition of agreement
  20. ultimatum
    (n.) a final proposal or statement of conditions

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