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Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 11


Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 11 

Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 11 Wordlist

  1. allude
    (v.) to refer to casually or indirectly
  2. clairvoyant
    (adj.) supernaturally perceptive; (n.) one who possesses, extrasensory powers, seer
  3. conclusive
    (adj.) serving to settle an issue; final
  4. disreputable
    (adj.) not respectable, not esteemed
  5. endemic
    (adj.) native or confined to a particular region or people; characteristic of or prevalent in a field
  6. exemplary
    (adj.) worthy of imitation, commendable; serving as a model
  7. fathom
    (v.) to understand, get to the bottom of; to determine the depth of; (n.) a measure of depth in water
  8. guile
    (n.) treacherous cunning, deceit
  9. integrity
    (n.) honesty, high moral standards; an unimpaired condition, completeness, soundness
  10. itinerary
    (n.) a route of travel; a record of travel; a guidebook
  11. misconstrue
    (v.) to interpret wrongly, mistake the meaning of
  12. obnoxious
    (adj.) highly offensive, arousing strong dislike
  13. placate
    (v.) to appease, soothe, pacify
  14. placid
    (adj.) calm, peaceful
  15. potent
    (adj.) powerful; highly effective
  16. pretext
    (n.) a false reason, deceptive excuse
  17. protrude
    (v.) to stick out, thrust forth
  18. reparation
    (n.) a payment made for a wrong or an injury
  19. stark
    (adj.) harsh, unrelieved, desolate; (adv.) utterly
  20. superficial
    (adj.) on or near the surface; concerned with or understanding only what is on the surface, shallow

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