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curiosity killed the cat


curiosity killed the cat

curiosity killed the cat


(proverb): Being inquisitive about other people's affairs may get you into trouble.


الترجمه بالعربيه

جَواب ساخِرٌ لسُؤال/ تَحذير لشَخص أن لا يَتَدَخَّل فيما لا يَعنيه/ مَن يَتطفَّل على أَسْرار الغَيْر يَلْقَ ما يَسوؤه؛ حب الاستطلاع قتل القطة؛ حب الاستطلاع قد يجلب الاذية


  1. Defending, he said: ‘This is a case where curiosity killed the cat.’
  2. Stuffed as we were, however, curiosity killed the cat - and it very nearly took us with it as we recklessly agreed to share a devilled chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream.
  3. I won't reveal any more of the plot than that, but if there's a moral to this story, it's that old truism that says that curiosity killed the cat.
  4. Didn't your mother ever tell you curiosity killed the cat?
  5. That's awfully mean of you to tease me like that - curiosity killed the cat, you know.
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