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Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns


Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns 

The words myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, and themselves can be used as reflexive or intensive pronouns depending on how they are used in a sentence. 

A reflexive pronoun is the object of a sentence; it refers back to the subject of the sentence. 

Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns

Look at paragraph 14. In the phrase “I planted myself,” myself is a reflexive pronoun that refers back to I, the subject of the sentence. 

An intensive pronoun adds emphasis to a noun in the sentence. For example, in the sentence “I was holding hands with Juli herself,” the word herself emphasizes the noun Juli

Notice that the intensive pronoun can be removed without changing the meaning of the sentence: I was holding hands with Juli. 

When you encounter one of these pronouns in your reading, look to see how the word is used in the sentence. Then you can tell if the pronoun is used as a reflexive or an intensive pronoun. 

Revisit the list of reflexive and intensive pronouns provided above. Then write two sentences, one using a reflexive pronoun and one using an intensive pronoun. Model your sentences after the example sentences from Flipped.

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