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New Hello! Year 3 Term 1 Unit 1 Language

New Hello! Year 3 Term 1 Unit 1 Language

New Hello! Year 3 Term 1 Unit 1 Language

قواعد الوحده الأولى الخاصه بمنهج الصف الثالث الثانوى المنهج الجديد بالاضافه الى اختبار عليها لقياس المستوى

Remember! تذكر! 

Past simple الماضى البسيط

Use the past simple to talk about: 
  • actions which started and finished in the past. 
There was one grumpy person that I remember! 
The actor didn’t want to answer my questions! 
  • a sequence of actions or events in the past. 
I started as a trainee on a local newspaper and then I started a three-year apprenticeship. 
  • repeated actions and habits in the past. 
When I first wrote news stories, I often included my own feelings and opinions. 

Past continuous الماضى المستمر

Use the past continuous to talk about: 
  • an action that was already in progress when another action took place. 
I was interviewing a well-known actor when he told me to be quiet. 
  • two actions in progress in the past at the same time. 
When I was first interviewing people, I was asking too many questions. 
  • an action that was in progress at a particular time in the past. 
I was working as a volunteer at a shop when I was at university. 

Present perfect المضارع التام

Use the present perfect to talk about: 
  • actions that started in the past but are still true or in progress. 
I’ve written for many newspapers since that time. 
I’ve worked with a lot of journalists. (I still work with them.) 
  • actions that have results in the present: 
Sometimes I wonder why I’m tired, and I remember that I’ve worked for twelve hours without a break! 
  • experiences (often with ever and never). 
Have you ever interviewed anyone famous? 
I’ve interviewed lots of celebrities 
  • actions which haven’t happened (often with still or yet). 
I haven’t interviewed a famous scientist yet.

Quiz yourself. اختبر نفسك

Mr. ‏El-Sayed Ramadan ‎ ‎


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