Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop Enriched Edition Level E Unit 1 Answers

Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop Enriched Edition Level E Unit 1 Answers

Sadlier  Vocabulary Workshop Enriched Edition  Level E /Grade 10 Unit 1  Answers

Choosing the Right Word Answer Key

  1. insidious
  2. tentative
  3. bereft
  4. deployed
  5. verbatim
  6. reiterated
  7. augmented
  8. adulterated
  9. intimations
  10. ambidextrous
  11. unkempt
  12. guise
  13. pliable
  14. fortitude
  15. gaping
  16. gibes
  17. opulent
  18. insidious
  19. warily
  20. stolid
  21. augment
  22. pliable
  23. gape
  24. dour
  25. reiterated

Synonyms Answer Key

  1. Gape
  2. Intimation
  3. Reiterate
  4. Deploy
  5. Opulent
  6. Warily
  7. Augment
  8. Insidious  

Antonyms Answer Key

  1. pliable
  2. intimation
  3. reiterate
  4. ambidextrous
  5. tentative  

Completing the Sentence Answer Key 

  1. adulterated

    1.   How can you tell whether the chopped-meat patty you ate for lunch had been _________________ with artificial coloring and other foreign substances?


    2.   Many ballplayers can bat from either side of the plate, but they cannot throw well with each hand unless they are __________________.


    3.   The company commander called his troops together and asked for more volunteers to __________________ the strength of the raiding party.


    4.   What a tragedy that in the twilight of her life the unfortunate woman should be _______________ of all her loved ones!


    5.   An experienced baseball manager _______________ his outfielders according to the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing batters.


    6.   The ____________ expressions on the jurors' faces as they grimly filed back into the courtroom did not bode well for the defendant.


    7.   America's earliest settlers faced the hardships of life on the frontier with faith and _________________.


    8.   As the magician's assistant seemed to vanish into thin air, the entire audience _______________ in amazement.


    9.   Why should I be the object of all those ____________ just because I'm wearing a three piece suit on campus?


    10.               In Shakespeare's famous tragedy "Othello," in the ____________ of a friend but proves to be a deadly enemy.


    11.               To this day, historians are still debating whether or not Aaron Burr was guilty of a(n) _________________ plot to break up the United States.


    12.               Her unchanging facial features and controlled voice as she receive the news gave no _________________ of her true feelings.


    13.               Perhaps I would be bored with the ________________ lifestyle of a milllionaire, but I'm willing to try it.


    14.               The twigs that were to be woven into the basket were soaked in water to make them more _________________.


    15.               At the risk of being boring, let me ___________________ my warning against careless driving.


    16.               We learned that beneath his ____________ exterior there was a sensitive, highly subtle, and perceptive mind.


    17.               Since his acceptance of the invitation was only ________________, the hostess may be one man short at the dinner party.


    18.               Why would someone who is usually so neat and tidy appear in public in such a(n) _________________ state?


    19.               Since I need the speaker's exact words for my report, I have asked the stenographer to take down the speech __________________.


    20.               Having learned to respect the power in his opponent's fists, the boxer moved ____________ around the center of the ring.

Vocabulary in Context: Literary Text  Answer Key

Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 1 PowerPoint Presentation: Presentation  

VOCABULARY WORKSHOP has for more than five decades been the leading program for systematic vocabulary development for grades 6–12. It has been proven a highly successful tool in helping students expand their vocabularies, improve their vocabulary skills, and prepare for the vocabulary strands of standardized tests. This Common Core Enriched Edition of VOCABULARY WORKSHOP preserves and improves key elements of the program that have made it so effective, and it introduces important new features that make the series more comprehensive in scope and more current in its approach to vocabulary instruction, especially with respect to standardized testing and the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

QR Codes

QR Codes New QR (Quick Response) codes appear on the Reading Passage and Vocabulary in Context pages. The code can be read with a smartphone camera. To read the QR code, users may download any free QR code application to a smartphone. Snapping this code links students directly to the relevant VOCABULARY WORKSHOP Web site, where they can listen to or take an interactive vocabulary quiz. Use a smartphone camera and a QR code application to snap this code to link to the VOCABULARY WORKSHOP home page.

Reading Passages 

New Reading Passages open each Unit of VOCABULARY WORKSHOP. At least 15 of the the 20 Unit vocabulary words appear in each Passage. Students read the words in context in informational texts to activate prior knowledge and then apply what they learn throughout the Unit, providing practice in critical-reading skills. Idioms, adages, and proverbs used in Passages provide exposure to figurative language. Passage topics are high-interest and represent a variety of genres, including expository texts, informational essays, historical nonfiction, and biographies. Snap the code or go to the VOCABULARY WORKSHOP home page to listen to , and hear modeled reading of each Unit Passage.

Writing Prompts 

Students practice writing responses to two types of prompts. The first prompt refers to the Passage that introduced the Unit and encourages close reading of the text. The second prompt is modeled on those that appear on standardized tests, such as the SAT® and ACT®.*

Vocabulary in Context 

The Vocabulary in Context pages contain excerpts from classic literature. Each excerpt uses one of the vocabulary words from the Unit and provides students with exposure to the vocabulary in the context of authentic literature. Multiple-choice questions give practice in standardized-test format. An interactive quiz using the Unit words is accessible by snapping the QR code on the page or by visiting

Word Study 
In accordance with the Common Core State Standards, the Word Study pages address figurative language with instruction and practice using idioms, adages, and proverbs, as well as provide instruction on determining and applying denotation and connotation. This new section appears every three Units, after the Review.

*SAT is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product. ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc., which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

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