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Word of the Day - deployment


DEPLOYMENT - Word of the Day



n. the distribution of forces in preparation for battle or work
أ. إنتشار الجند, نشر الجند

Usage Examples:

“The domestic deployment of our armed services is an incredibly serious undertaking that should not be taken lightly,” Mr. Smith said.
Washington Times Jun 1, 2020

“We will look at all the facts and whether the deployment of less-than-lethal force was in compliance with all regulations.”
Seattle Times Jun 1, 2020

More than 4,500 national guard personnel are available for deployment throughout California, though right now they are mostly in southern California, Newsom said.
The Guardian Jun 1, 2020

The governor released a statement late Saturday on the deployment of the National Guard and commented again on the protests mid-day Monday.
Los Angeles Times Jun 1, 2020

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