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Titles - 6th Grade Grammar


Titles - 6th Grade Grammar

Titles 6th Grade Grammar
  • Use italics or underlining for the title of a book, movie, television series, play, magazine, or newspaper. 
  • Use quotation marks around the title of a short story, song, short poem, print article, online article, or chapter of a book. 
  • Remember to capitalize all of the important words in a title.
I finished my poem, “Along the Old Path.”
My father has a column in The Hometown Gazette.

Titles Worksheet

Write each sentence. Apply the correct treatment of titles where needed.
  1. A writer for The Travel Show spoke at our school.
  2. She also wrote the article Packing your bags.
  3. I submitted a story to Teen Travel magazine.
  4. They changed the title to eight days in Delaware.
  5. Have you ever read The Incredible Journey?
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