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Learn Vocabulary From the News - Resignation


Learn Vocabulary From the News - Resignation

Italy’s president refused to accept the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, leaving the government in a state of limbo.
The sudden political crisis created a potential calamity for Europe. But despite Mr. Draghi’s stated intention to resign, it remained possible that he could stay in power.

1 : an act of giving up a job or position in a formal or official way [count] 
        The chairman accepted their resignations. [noncount] a letter of resignation 

2 [count] : a letter which states that a person has given up a job or position 
        The manager received resignations from three members of the staff. 

3 [noncount] : the feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen and cannot be changed 
        We accepted the news with resignation
        a sigh of resignation.

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