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Teaching Ideas: Word Order


Teaching Ideas: Word Order

Teaching Ideas: Word Order

We often get students to reorder words to make sentences. This makes them think carefully about syntax (the correct sequence of sentence elements). For example, we can say:

Put the following words in order to make correct sentences:

a) Aya's / was/ wedding anniversary / yesterday 

b) a/ at/ Buenos Aires/ teenagers/ in/ large/ Aya / secondary school/ teaches 

c) bus/ by / go / I /  school /  to / usually 

d)Mr. Sayed / us / tourism / write / about / essay / an / asked / to

e) I / full mark / the / got

f) I  / night / the / whole / ideas / for / searching / some / them / to / stayed / about / write

We can also ask the students to put in punctuation, such as CAPITAL LETTERS, FULL STOPS (periods), QUESTION MARKS, INVERTED COMMAS (quotation marks), etc.

An enjoyable variation is to have the students hold the words on cards above their heads (so they can't see their own words). The other members of the class have to tell them where to stand to make a correct sentence.

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