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Context Clues (1)

Context Clues - Examples and Worksheet (1)

Context Clues - Examples and Worksheet (1)

What are context clues?

Look at this example of context clues in a sentence. The underlined words help explain what concerned means.
Alex had been sentenced to Smart Start for math. His parents, already worried about his grades, were even more concerned because the Statewide Math Aptitude Test was approaching.

Now, It is time to practice context clues.

Context Clues Worksheet

Read each passage below. Underline the context clues that help you figure out the meaning of each word in bold. Then circle the best definition for each word.

1. Math had always been torture for Alex. To make matters worse, his little sister had advanced and was taking the same math subject as he, despite being almost two years younger.

a. done poorly                       b. moved ahead                     c. accepted math

2. What remained was a nearly perfect square—ideal for one of Alex’s favorite pastimes: origami.

            a. subjects                   b. hobbies                   c. foods

3. Alex knew that Sophia was making an effort to put him at ease, so he asked politely, “What made you start to like it?”

a. rudely                     b. noisily                     c. nicely

4. “Do your first fold,” she commanded.

a. ordered                   b. walked                    c. allowed

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