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Run-On Sentences (Grade 6)


Run-On Sentences

Run-On Sentences

What is a run-on sentence?

A run-on sentence contains two or more independent clauses without the proper conjunctions or punctuation.

What is comma splice?

A comma splice joins two independent clauses without using a conjunction. 

Run-On Sentence and Comma Splice Example

  • I heard a noise I called the police, they came quickly.

How to fix Run-on sentences and comma splices?

1-Break the independent clauses into separate sentences.
  • I heard a noise. I called the police. They came quickly

2-Create a compound subject or compound predicate.
  • I heard a noise and called the police. They came quickly.

3-Create a compound sentence using coordinating conjunctions.
  • I heard a noise. I called the police, and they came quickly.

4-Create a complex sentence using subordinating conjunctions.
  • When I heard a noise, I called the police, and they came quickly.

Run-On Sentences Worksheet

Use strategies above to correct the run-on sentences.

1. An officer saw a raccoon it ran under the porch.
2. She shined a light on the raccoon, it hissed.
3. It took an hour they finally caught it, I was so happy!
4. I have to go to the store I need to buy tea.
5. I woke up I ate chocolate.

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