ie and ei Spelling Worksheet

ie and ei Spelling Worksheet

ie and ei

Write ie when the sound is long e, except after c.

EXAMPLES believe  relieve  niece  deceive  perceive
EXCEPTIONS either leisure neither seize weird


Write ei when the sound is not long e.

EXAMPLES  freight  height  neighbor  forfeit
EXCEPTIONS friend  mischief  die

EXERCISE A In the following sentences, underline any misspelled words. Above each misspelled word, write the word correctly. If a sentence is already correct, write C after it.

1. I believe that the reign of King Juan Carlos of Spain began in 1975.
2. Stripping all the biege paint off the old table was quite an achievement.
3. Bert pulled in the horse’s reins and brought the sliegh to a stop.
4. The employee’s deceit was discovered, and he was fired.
5. The automobile manufacturers concede that deisel engines are more efficient.
6. One of Brazil’s chief exports to foriegn countries is cocoa.
7. A theif has succeeded in seizing the diamonds.
8. The tool shed contained niether shovels nor rakes.
9. Because he is a weight lifter, Hugo eats plenty of protien daily.
10. The preist received his visitors in the garden at the back of the cathedral.

EXERCISE B In each of the following sentences, underline the word in parentheses that is spelled correctly.

11. The sculptor is a (freind, friend) of mine.
12. Kareem’s completion of the statue was a great (acheivement, achievement).
13. He has already (received, recieved) praise for some of his other sculptures.
14. Kareem devotes most of his (leisure, liesure) time to sculpting.
15. He creates statues using (either, iether) stone or clay

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