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Greek Roots


Vocabulary Strategy: Greek Roots - Examples and Worksheet

Vocabulary Strategy: Greek Roots - Examples and Worksheet

Greek Roots Example 

Read this sentence from the passage and note the word in bold.

But each year, scientists discover thousands of new kinds of plants. These discoveries help us learn about how plants adapt to the geography and environment in which they live.

Many English words have word parts called roots. They come from other languages, such as Latin and Greek. The word geography contains two Greek roots. The root geo means “earth” and graph means “to draw, write, or make a picture.” Geography means “the physical features of a place.”

Greek Roots Worksheet
Read each question below about words with Greek roots. Then circle the letter of the best answer.

1. If eco- means “environment,” and system means “an organized whole made of several parts” what is an ecosystem?

a. the organized whole of an environment
b. birth place of an animal
c. collection of animals that are the same

2. If botany is the study of plants, what is a botanist?

a. a person who lives in a cold climate
b. a person who studies plants
c. a person who studies animals

3. If canopy comes from a Greek word that means “a curtain or covering over a bed,” what do you think a canopy in a forest is?

a. leaves on the forest floor
b. leaves at the top of the forest
c. a large mosquito net

Download this Greek Roots free worksheet in PDF : Greek Roots