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Context Clues (2)

Context Clues - Examples and Worksheet (2)

Context Clues - Examples and Worksheet (2)

What are context clues?

Look at the example of context clues in a paragraph. The underlined words explain that the word difficult means “hard.”

He wanted Hermann to return to school, because being a pioneer farmer was hard, and he didn’t want his son to have as difficult a life as he had.

It is time to practice context clues.

Context Clues Worksheet

Read each passage below. Underline the context clues that help you figure out the meaning of each word in bold. Then circle the best definition for each word.

1. After that, it was time to plow the fields and tend to the crops. Unfortunately, the attention and effort needed to ensure that they had food on the table left no time for Hermann to attend school.
a. ignore                b. plow                 c. take care of

2. Some kids covered their mouths as they stifled giggles. By the time Hermann finally sat down, he felt humiliated.
a. muffled             b. started               c. expressed

3. “Class, please!” Miss Peal said sternly, and then she turned to Hermann. With kindness she said, “Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything.”
a. quietly               b. jokingly            c.seriously

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